Areca Palm tree

Areca palm is traditionally used in India since ages for its beetle nut which is very popular amongst local population. The palm trees grow on lush foothills of Indian forests and shed their leaves continuously. The fallen leaves if unused, usually decompose in the same place. Instead, this valuable primary material can be utilized to make products that are compostable organic, bio-degradable, gluten free, vegan, name what you like!

Manufacturing process
The fallen leaves are carefully pressure washed with water and sorted for various shapes and sizes into bundles. These are transported to the factory where they are cleaned again and sent to be pressed in a manually controlled thermal pressing machine. Depending on the strength of the product and its shape, the thermal heat applied, the pressure and time of application is varied to ensure the product meets our own standards that are much higher than accepted standards.

Once pressed into shapes, the edges are carefully hand cut and is filed using precision equipment to avoid any burrs or irregularities. The finished product is sterilized with UV treatment and is stacked and packaged into boxes of required sizes. These precious boxes are now ready to be transported to your doorstep to make you a responsible citizen of the world who cares about the beautiful marine life and our Earth.

  • Personalized branding: Possibility to have customized screen printing or labeling of your choice.
  • Compostable :Product is directly compostable. Compost can be used as manure for future crops and plants.
  • Chemical-free : Since no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, the products are 100% natural and safe for everyday use.
  • Microwaveable : Food is safe to be reheated in a microwave or an oven, best suited for take away food.
  • Customized design : If our extensive list of products are unable to suit your needs, personalized product design is possible as per your requirement.
  • Refrigerable : You can safely store away your food for days in a refrigerator in intact condition.
  • Water Impermeable : The plates and cups can hold water for more than an hour without any changes to product quality.
  • Scratch-free : The physical toughness of the plates make them scratch free to knife cuts.